2013 is off to a great start and we are very grateful for everyone that has helped us take our business to the top. We wanted a good way to give back to all of you, while still keeping things a bit classy. So we sent out 400+ screen prints I had originally designed two years ago when we first moved into this office.

If you have received one of these posters, we would love for you to snap a pic and share it with us on Facebook. There’s nothing we like more than seeing happy clients!

Hand signed and numbered by Justin Cline
Hand signed and numbered by the artist


The main hallway at Diablo Media is full of original pop-art/graffiti inspired paintings. “Thunderball” was the first piece made for the new office and therefore the first art print we decided to produce.

Diablo Media's art filled hallway
Diablo Media’s art filled hallway


The office paintings were made with stencils and spray paint on canvas. This made silkscreen the ideal method of reproduction. Working with the local print shop IndyInk, we set out to create a unique gift for our special clients.

These limited edition prints were hand pulled using six separate colors on 160 lb paper. Printing this way ensures that each piece is original with its own unique imperfections.

Printed by Indyink in Denver
Printed by Indyink in Denver


Preparing them to ship proved to be no easy task. It took four days of assembly line team work to get them out the door. Though at times it was a challenge of physical endurance, it was a great team building exercise that was surprisingly enjoyable. Here are a few photos of our team getting after it.

One of many assembly lines
One of many assembly lines
Client gift poster packing
Client gift poster packing
Client gift poster packing
Client gift poster packing
Packaged posters

Here is a video of the first painting being created. My index finger went numb for a few days after using an X-acto knife to cut out all the stencils by hand. Thankfully, we smartened up and had all the other stencils laser cut. And again, if you received a poster, please share it with us on Facebook!



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  1. Tracy on

    Great job people! Way to bring a creative flare to the gratitude we like to extend to our clients. =)

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