For all those 9-5ers out there, music is quite possibly your lifeline to happiness and productivity. It can keep you calm in the busiest of days, motivate you to do your best work under pressure, and be a positive influence for those around you.

After working in a few different cities, you get to experience a fair share of music listening behaviors. From your morning “don’t talk to me before I’m musically caffeinated” workers, to your afternoon “hoist the positive flag and do a dance” reggae rockers, there are a number of different ways music can help. However, music that takes you higher can also be a distraction. The key is to find a nice balance. Remember that tempo matters, and like Jock Jams was meant to pump you up, slower tunes will cool you down.

The music industry has been busy this summer. Artists of all genres have been dropping new albums and pushing their musicianship further than ever before. So in light of this progression, we threw together a Spotify playlist of office favorites. If you’re already a Spotify user, enjoy our playlist below! If not, join the movement and sign up for free.

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