Last week, we hosted three students from the Daniels College of Business – University of Denver. They were assigned to reach out to a local company they admired and interview a member of their management team.

It was a good time and we were truly flattered they chose Diablo Media as their company to profile. During the course of our short meeting they asked questions from a list provided by their professor. Most of the questions had to do with our management style, but the one that stuck with me most (and I am paraphrasing) was, “What is the goal of Diablo?” Great question. The answer is something that should be shared with every single person we meet. Mine went something like this:

“We want to leverage the powerful engine that is affiliate marketing to drive real and meaningful results for our advertising clients while helping our publishers make as much money on their traffic as possible. In a sense, it is our goal to make affiliate marketing less scary for top tier advertisers and more profitable for our publishers. Constant compliance and fraud monitoring, personal and professional customer service, and ethical business practices are just of the few ways we accomplish this goal.”

As I think back on this meeting, it occurs to me that there was a key piece missing from my answer. At Diablo, everything we do is done with an eye towards sustainability. We want long-term relationships. We want and have advertising partners that know we are going to protect their brands and offers while driving revenue growth. We want and have publishers that trust us to promote offers that are worth running and trust us to treat them fairly. All the decisions we make here are done within the framework of creating those sustainable relationships. Because of this, in a time when many of our peers are shrinking or closing their doors, we are growing.

Sustainability. That, in a word, is our goal.

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