When moving into our previous office back in 2011, I worked with Ben to create a series of pop/street art inspired paintings for our entry hallway (videos here and here).

With our move to the new building, it was time to freshen things up, so we decided to do another round. This time we opened the process up to the entire team and created a friendly competition.

Working in teams, the staff came up with topics they were in to, then we worked together to refine into something that would make a good piece.

The bulk of this project took place on the computer, guiding the concepts through to approved designs and then into working stencil files.

Our friendly neighborhood printer Soapoint then laser cut the stencils into oil boards, ready for paint. After getting the rest of our supplies, all we needed were the teams in the office together.

Once all the remote employees were all in town for a special company event, we finally got down to business.

Painting Day 1

With instruction sheets in hand, the teams mixed their base paint color. Using latex paint, they had to use a bit of color theory to get that color down—some were much easier than others.

IMG_3265 IMG_3270 IMG_3278 IMG_3279 IMG_3298

Painting Day 2

After drying for a day, the teams worked to lay their spray paint down.

IMG_3422 IMG_3426 IMG_3451 IMG_3455 IMG_3461 IMG_3485 IMG_3528 IMG_3563


To wrap up, the company voted on their favorite out of the bunch. Check out the finalists and crowd favorite below.

Company favorite
Company favorite

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