Mozilla is switching Firefox’s preferences up this summer by introducing a patch in version 22 that will block new third-party cookies by default. This makes Firefox’s cookie policy more like Safari’s, but slightly more permissive.

This new default will affect some publishers depending on how they advertise their offers. For publishers that use traditional links, meaning, the user clicks the link and their whole browser window redirects through a click link, there shouldn’t be any change because clicking on a link makes the click cookie a first-party cookie. However, if a publisher is using iframes to promote offers, the click cookies will be third-party cookies, so they will get blocked by default by the new Firefox and current Safari.

In the case of the click being a first-party (non-iframe), leads will still track even though when an advertiser fires the pixel, it would be placed in the “third-party” category. This is because Firefox is allowing cookie reads and writes from domains for which the browser already has a first-party cookie stored (this happens on our click).

Note that this change does not affect campaigns that use server-to-server pixels, since no cookies are used to track those campaigns.

What is Diablo doing for their publishers in light of this change?

First, we recommend that all publishers be careful about promoting offers through iframes. Publishers industry wide have most likely already seen poor conversion rates for Safari, and with Mozilla’s new change, their conversion rates for Firefox will be similar. Second, we plan to actively monitor conversion rates in our system across the major browsers and react accordingly.

If any of our affiliates are concerned with this change, we encourage you to contact us so we can work with you directly to come up with a solution that best fits your marketing strategy and goals.


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