We live in an ever-changing digital environment. One in which we have to adapt to stay afloat. And even though the ways we connect and communicate have come a long way, evolution doesn’t just happen over night.

Advertising, like anything, is a progression. Starting as word of mouth, advertising gained traction through newspapers. There were no smartphones, no computers, and no televisions. Just ink on paper. For example, here is Coca-Cola’s first advertisement in the “Atlanta Journal” back in the late 1800s.


Essentially, this is where mobile ads are in their lifecycle. They are young and immature, yet there have been efforts to make them more engaging. Brands have been pushing local offers based on consumers’ individual location (a.k.a. geofencing). While it’s great to capture consumers in the moment, using too much of their information is risky and oftentimes comes off pretty creepy. Other than the half-baked potential of location based mobile advertising, pop-ups and interstitials are pushy and indirect. Their primary goal is to get people to click on them by whatever means possible. Even if that’s making you mistakenly click on them while paging through your favorite blog.

Now, aside from people back in the day thinking we’d be living life like the Jetsons, advertising has evolved into something no one could have imagined. Below is an example of Coca-Cola’s latest work. The level at which this idea is executed couldn’t have been thought of given the resources back when Coca-Cola’s first newspaper ad was published.


The point is that it’s going to get better. Yes, mobile ads are irritating and unappealing right now, but as traditional advertising went from push to pull some time ago, the same will happen for mobile. Hand-held devices broaden the opportunity for affiliate marketing, and Diablo Media will be investing more time, money, and energy to make the most out of all the latest technology.



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