Since the early 2000s, we’ve been embracing technology with open arms. Social networks and smartphone applications have changed the way we work, talk, and live with each other. But brands aren’t stopping there, this is just the beginning. A new wave of technology is upon us and it’s out to capture our mind, body, and soul.


As if a fully functional computer in your pocket wasn’t enough, there are a number of big brand innovators currently taking wearable technology to new heights. Let’s start with Google Glass. This is a revolutionary optical-head mounted display (OHMD) that has every intention of bringing more freedom to your life. The inspiration for this product started with fundamental human stature. Google’s rational says that the human body is not made to look down and rub a small piece of featureless glass, it’s meant to perform and be observant of its surroundings. They also want to stray away from the social isolation that comes with the all too familiar “look down at your phone” move. So, being mounted on your head and voice activated, your hands are free. The screen is positioned in the upper right corner of your field of vision, so your eyes are free. And, as scary as it sounds, your ears are free too because the audio is conducted through the bones in your cranium by the stems of the glasses.


But does Google expect to prescribe everyone in the world with a pair of Google Glasses? The answer lies within the privacy storm that is brewing as the product’s launch date draws closer. From establishments already banning Google Glass due to public paranoia, to users being called “glassholes” straight to their Google Glass camera, this product seems to be more of a cool novelty. However, it is a breath of fresh air for technology, and it is applicable in many different circumstances.


Next up in our wearable tech wave is the Nike Fuel Band. This tech-packed wrist band tracks your every move, and wirelessly syncs it all to your smartphone and PC. Accessing your data via mobile device is great when you’re on the go, but if you want a deeper look into your Nike Fuel Band experience, a computer is recommended.


What’s the inspiration behind this one? Nike knows how tough it is to get motivated and stay motivated. So, you set yourself a daily activity goal, and as you get closer to hitting that goal, a light on the band travels from red to green, thus acting as motivation you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Whether you are a gym rat, or a workaholic looking for some physical motivation, we feel that this product does the body good.


Lastly, we have a product that hasn’t made too many headlines yet. Apple’s iWatch will most likely set wearable technology standards once it hits the shelves. It’s rumored that the OS operating product (similar to the iPod Nano) will sync with your iPhone, iPad, and computer to give you updates on your wrist. It’s also said that it will run on solar and kinetic energy, and be fully integrated with everybody’s favorite robot, Siri.


Under Armour

Apple is known as the innovator of our time, and there is no doubt that they will continue to surprise us. But as time moves forward, there will be other companies that measure up. One more product that has people on the edge of their seats comes to us from the talent at Under Armour. Imagine having a touchscreen on the sleeve of your shirt that only shows up when you want to use it.


The company is currently developing interactive, touch sensitive clothing that monitors your heart rate, tracks your speed, counts how many calories you burn, and more. With the use of “flexible technology,” Under Armour is taking wearable tech to a whole new level, and investors should know about it. “The company’s shares have more than quadrupled since its IPO in November 2005, outpacing the performance of larger rivals Nike Inc. (NKE +1.35%)  and Adidas AG (DE:ADS -2.12%) during the same period” according to Market Watch.

In 2014, companies will be pushing this new wave of tech in unprecedented ways, ultimately influencing and changing the way we connect to each other. Playing off the fact that you literally wear these products to enhance a one time experience or a lifetime opens up many doors for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors everywhere. We, at Diablo Media, have not forecasted the development of any wearable technology in the near future, but we do have a highly collaborative team that consistently draws out new efficiencies in our software and strategy every day.

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