Tell us about your experience in online advertising? 

Sure. I moved out to Denver in 2007 and started working at an agency doing SEO, search, display and a little bit of email. From there, I transitioned to the affiliate space. The cool thing about that agency was that everything they did was on a cost-per-lead basis back to their advertisers, however, they never called it affiliate advertising. So when I stumbled on affiliate marketing, I felt prepared because that’s already how my mind was working.

Must have been nice to discover a comfortable place to thrive. 

Yes. When I left that agency, I was strictly doing media buying. Soon after I started working at an affiliate network that had an affiliate manager position posted as a media buyer. It was an easier transition because I was working with people that were doing what I was doing. So that’s how I made the transition in to the affiliate space.

Do you enjoy what you do? 

Absolutely. I really like that you have all your own clients and are constantly making new relationships by finding new people and opportunities. I like that anybody can reach out to you at any moment, and that it’s up to you to build your own business within a network.

Does Diablo do a good job at facilitating that?

For sure. Ben and Mike are all about growing you as a professional. They ask, “What do you want to do? and how do you want to succeed?” A lot of projects that I am working on now are what we had discussed initially; helping on the business development side on top of managing affiliates.

It’s always great to love what you do. How long have you been working here at Diablo and how do you like it so far?

I’ve been here since June. I think it was really interesting coming from another affiliate network because you’re trying to achieve the same thing, but every company and everybody has their own little nuances. With Diablo, it’s been great because everyone on the ad team is super knowledgeable and really knows their advertisers. When I was hired onto the team, I knew my old advertisers and I knew these publishers, but I didn’t necessarily know Diablo’s offers, what performs well, and how to make everything work efficiently. So I’ve really relied on the Diablo team in the beginning and that was a positive experience because everyone wants to help our clients and company succeed.

As far as culture, it’s all about doing what you want to do and doing it well. It’s a positive and constructive environment to work in. Everyone works hard and pushes each other to hit personal and professional goals.

It sounds like you’ve been in the space for a while now, do you ever find yourself helping others out as well? 

Absolutely, especially coming from a different part of the industry. There was more opportunity for collaboration, everyone asked, “Have you ever tried to do this? Have you ever tried this way?” I have a little bit less experience on the email side, so I’ve listened and learned great things from the team thus far. What I really like to do is help other people and teach them what I’ve learned in the past, and not let anyone make the mistakes I’ve seen made. I think that’s cool for our affiliates and advertisers too because you don’t just have your dedicated manager you have a whole team behind them, with all different ranges of experience.

So where there’s a sense of individuality and independence at Diablo, there’s also a strong team aspect as well. 


Awesome, so everyone is different, and everyone has their own way of doing things, but what’s your way of doing things and what is beneficial about working with you directly?

I always want to treat every single one of my affiliates or advertisers like a partner to see how we can make money together. It’s not just what you can do for me, or what I can do for them. The people I work with have businesses too and how can we work together to create the most value for each other is the game we play. I’ve always approached it like that. I think I’ve learned that from where I’ve come, from the different mottos of other companies, and seeing how different people interact. When you’ve reached the partnership level and you understand what makes somebody else money, I think that is the core of it. I’m available, I always have my phone on me, I’m always logged into Skype on my phone. I just want to make sure I am always there for my partners if they need me.

So part of how you do it is being accessible, but everyone has a purpose and everyone has a reason deep down about why they are passionate about what they do. I want to know why you do it. 

I think a lot of my passion comes from driving results, hitting goals, and going the extra mile. When I find a campaign that’s hot, I want to share it and hopefully take all my partners to the next level. It’s definitely about having everyone succeed, setting the bar higher, and watching everybody’s profits grow. I absolutely love hitting that revenue report and seeing we have ten more leads. No lie, that really jacks me up.

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