Diablo Media is growing and we are carefully assembling a team capable of taking our services to new markets. Mobile and pay per call have always been a focus here, and with Mark on the team, we will be able to take on a significant amount of new business. Today, we got a chance to sit down and talk with Mark about his new position here.

How are you doing today, Mark?

I am doing great!

Tell us about your experience.

I have nearly 15 years of experience in performance-based marketing and online customer acquisition. I have founded and invested in two successful online marketing companies. Over the last couple years I’ve been focused primarily on developing pay per call advertising programs that deliver high-converting inbound sales calls to direct response advertisers. I am driven by my passion for helping advertisers leverage online marketing to connect live on the phone with in-market consumers who are interested in their product or service.

Why did you apply to be a part of the Diablo Media team?

I had the pleasure of working with Ben Smith, Mike Schuster, and the Diablo Media technology team while I was an advisor and consultant for a start-up in the call tracking technology space. I was very impressed with the team, the company’s success, and their continued innovation in performance marketing. That initial relationship eventually evolved into Ben and I working together to create an exciting new opportunity for me to join the Diablo Media team and grow the company’s pay per call advertising business.

Tell us about your new role here at Diablo Media?

As Director of Pay Per Call Advertising at Diablo, I am focused on working with the advertising team to develop new direct advertiser relationships, and growing existing accounts to include pay per call. In addition, I work closely with the publisher team to identify new sources of traffic to our pay per call campaigns, especially within mobile, search, and display. Lastly, I am working collaboratively with the team to develop best practices, processes, and technology to create a successful, efficient, and profitable pay per call lead generation network.

What keeps you motivated to go above and beyond?

I have a passion and drive for innovation. I love being on the cutting-edge of exciting, new ways to leverage performance marketing tactics to help our clients acquire more high-valued customers, increase sales, and lower their cost per acquisition.

Find Mark on LinkedIn or visit his Diablo Media profile for more info.


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