Attention Diablo Publishers & Advertisers,

We want to write and clarify Diablo’s policy regarding advertising of weight loss supplements and anti-aging products. As you may know, these types of products are subject to additional legal regulations and scrutiny, and we want to make sure all advertising content is compliant with current best practices.

Our biggest concern right now is ensuring that any person depicted as a user of the advertised product is a “Verified User”—that is, an actual consumer who has signed a testimonial affidavit and release allowing his or her image and statements to be used in advertising. Thus, the following types of advertising content are not approved for any Diablo campaign featuring a weight loss supplement or anti-aging product:

  • “Before” and “After” photos, illustrations, or GIFs that do not feature Verified Users of the advertised product (even cartoons and other animations are prohibited);
  • Testimonials or other endorsements that do not feature Verified Users of the advertised product; and
  • “Review” websites or blogs that do not feature Verified Users of the advertised product or disclose the fact that they are advertisements (for example, a website called “” or “” that purports to be an objective review of ABC Diet Pill, but is really a publisher page).

We hope you understand that these restrictions are intended to protect us and all our partners against unwanted legal action. To that end, if we discover you are using before and after photos, testimonials, or consumer reviews in your advertising, we will ask you to provide testimonial affidavits/releases for each person pictured so that we can be sure they are Verified Users. We’re willing to work with you to ensure your advertising is compliant. If you have any questions about this policy, please let us know.

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