Why Twenty Twelve was Big for Diablo

Diablo Media

Boy, what a year it has been. Lots of growing and not too much growing pain. In fact, just the opposite. 2012 was our best year yet and we are on schedule to outdo ourselves again in 2013. There are a number of great things that made this past year amazing, so we wanted to do some reflecting while collecting ourselves for this upcoming year.
Back in 2006, we were a team of only two people. CEO, Ben Smith and CFO, Mike Schuster. Today, Diablo is a team of nearly 25 carefully selected rock stars. We hire as we grow, and if we come across people that will help us grow, we hire them too. But employees weren’t the only group growing in numbers last year. We grew our affiliate network as well, increasing the amount of advertisers, affiliates, and high quality campaigns. Right now in the US, we are running 450+ campaigns across a number of different verticals.
Last year we applied to the Inc. 500|5000, a prestigious list of the nation’s most successful and fastest growing private companies in America. Surprised and humbled, we received a number of honors and are thankful to even have made the list. Below are a few ways we stood out in 2012.

While the world seems to be shrinking as we develop more intuitive and natural ways to connect with each other, our business is only growing larger. Last year, our team conceived, specced, built, and launched an international affiliate tracking platform. Since October of 2012, we have been running 200+ campaigns in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. While these are the primary countries we do business in, our global team also works hard to extend Diablo’s reach into new countries every week.
Everyday our technology team is tuning our proprietary tracking system to be more efficient for our account management team. But as we find new ways to optimize our performance in 2013, we feel it’s extremely important to keep improving the quality of our service.
Early last year we integrated CPA Detective, a fraud prevention software into our tracking platform. By focusing down on fraud detection, we have been able to increase the quality of the campaigns we run while cleaning out all the fraudulent activity in our network. We know fraud is a giant, but if we rise up as an industry, we can take it down as an industry. High aspirations, lofty goals. We’re shooting for the stars this year.
While drafting this recap I quickly asked Ben, our CEO, what he thinks about our growth last year. He said, “I’m not the least bit surprised by our growth and I expect nothing less in 2013. We are smart, agile, and able to quickly adapt to changes that impact our industry. Our team is passionate and committed to doing everything necessary to generate positive results for our customers.”
From small birthday celebrations, to big global expansions, we had a great year and are looking forward to a successful 2013.