Media Buying

Strategically planned, implemented & managed.

An effective marketing strategy is built on several tactics, all of which must be supported by media buys that get the right message to the right person at the right time. At Diablo, we create and execute paid media campaigns measured on, and tailored to, your objectives.

Media Buying Strategy

We drive successful business results with our advanced technology, in-house media buying, and access to premium inventory.

Not only do we gain actionable insights from the right data, but we also work with our clients to get feedback on both what is and isn’t working to ensure our strategy stays aligned with their goals.

Media Buying Strategy

Transparency in our service is extremely important to us.

How do we do this? Our clients receive a dashboard with spend reporting directly from Facebook. These reports reflect how every dollar was spent. No hidden costs. No secrets.

Our team of experts ensures quick campaign builds while still allowing for them to be entirely customizable with the landing pages, form questions, ad copy, and imagery to fit the client’s needs. Finally, we can generate both leads and calls by adding a phone number to the form for no additional cost.

Our Process

  1. Identify target audience
  2. Research competitors
  3. Design buying strategy
  4. Allocate budget
  1. Launch campaign
  2. Monitor & respond
  3. Analyze effectiveness
  4. Optimize

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