Data Management

Transforming data into actionable intelligence.

At Diablo Media, we have highly targeted demographics and psychographics on 250 million US consumers. Our team of data experts offer two different types of high-quality and fully compliant data.

Sourced from our owned & operated properties

Sourced from our partners’ feeds

In the digital world, data is power.

So how do we help you harness that power?

As data goes through our infrastructure in real-time, we can append additional information to that record, increasing its value to you. Not only do we provide the data to each client, but our services are completely tailored to the needs of the buyer. Our team of experts analyzes the data in-depth ensuring the best results for our clients.

Everyone has data! But Diablo helps you understand it. We add value and data points to your data and then monetize your data using multi-channel marketing solutions.

Expert Data Management
Expert Data Management

After all, data is only relevant if you fully understand the Consumer.

We create highly targeted audiences with a multitude of verticals.



Household Products








And so many others

We help you accelerate your data journey confidently with an airtight data strategy.

We understand that data isn’t just about measuring results: it’s about intelligent systems that give your business predictive powers and the competitive edge. We have the ability to ‘slice and dice’ the data to create highly targeted audiences. We use a proprietary reporting platform that monitors and tracks all the data’s performance metrics and revenues.

Lastly but most importantly, we ensure that:

Our data is fully opted-in and 100% compliant with CAN-Spam


The traffic is human and implements multiple anti-fraud measures


Monitor our sources to make sure they are compliant with GDPR and CCPA

Our attribution models provide straightforward insight into all touchpoints along the customer journey as well as how they performed. Utilizing machine learning, we make sure you get the most out of your budget. With these tools at our (and thus at your) disposal, you can rest easy knowing the decisions you make will be as informed as they are effective.

And informed decisions yield results.

Our Process

  1. Evaluate & Assess our data sources
  2. Compliance review
  3. Design data strategy
  4. Receive data via API in real-time
  5. Hygiene emails and postal addresses
  1. Append demo’s and behaviors
  2. Monetize data using multi-channel marketing
  3. Analyze effectiveness using proprietary reporting tools
  4. Feedback & Optimize

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